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In the beginning . . . 1978, there were Apple II’s, TRS80’s, and a few others, all was good … and simple!
Software by the Midnight Sun
Rambow Enterprises got its start, in 1979, designing construction related software and assisting others with these strange new devices, called custom computers, and the years went by.
. . .  IBM PC’s, DOS, MAC’s, laser printers, phone modems, the world was getting less simple . . . Windows, PC Clones, networking. . . the Internet, the world was now getting complicated!
Custom software creation was our first priority for all sorts of industries, first in the DOS world, a little in the MAC world, and most in the Windows world.
Custom computer hardware became more than just a sideline, as store units were inexpensive, but performance and quality were lacking, our customers deserved better and we filled the gap.
Remote computing, helping customers deal with increasing computer problems became a necessary service, first direct modem to modem, then via the Internet.
Over the years, these needs were met with office staff and a computer store.
Now, with smart phones, tablets, mini’s, ebook readers, laptops, and pc’s -
today’s computer world is far from simple . . .
In 2010, Rambow Enterprises took this show on the road, so-to-speak.  With over 30 years experience in the computer world, our office & electronics were packed into a large RV, to continue providing the best in computer consulting to a variety of clients across the country.
With Wi-Fi and mobile 4G Internet connections, we are in contact with the world, no matter where we might be located.  As long as you have an Internet connection, we can use a variety of remote access software tools to connect to you and solve your problems.  Whether you need just a quick optimization, update, and speed up of your system, clearing a nasty computer virus, writing custom software, or building a custom computer system, we are available.
Contact us for expert computer assistance.  Over the years, we have seen a large variety of computer problems, giving us insight into the problems you may be having right now.  
And with our experience building & selling systems, writing software, and face-to-face time with hundreds of clients, we understand your office and computer setup much better than any ‘helpdesk’ organization can.  Try us as an inexpensive option.